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Name:Alice Fitzwilliam
Birthdate:Apr 12, 1940
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Dirty Life

violets are growing in the meadow,
honey suckles twine around her door,
i can see her in the grassy orchard.
over her the pink white blossoms pour;
there is something calls me back to honey,
't is no use, i'm going home today,
take her in my arms once more and tell her,
how i longed to see her and to say.

oh, how i miss you honey, miss you

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a spot under my ear, animals, baking, being held, being in love, being loud, being stubborn, being swept in the surf, big brothers, big families, bob hope, butterflies, carefully executed tactical plans, cats, children, coddling, collecting bees, contentment, cooking, corgis, cottages in the woods, dancing, daydreams in pink, delicate things, dirty life, downpours, dreaming of love, dust, embarrassing my son, endless piers, entertaining, eskimo kisses, eskimo rough sex, exotic locales, experimenting in the kitchen, falling in love, fantasy, fire blowing, fitzwilliam diamonds, flips, floating, fog, for the sake of mittens, fountain swimming, gardening, gentle kisses, getting attention, getting my way, ghost stories, grey, handstands, haunting melodies, having lots of sex!, hay scratches, hearing the rain on the roof, herb gardens, holding hands, holidays, home, homemade pizza (crispy crust), hot cocoa all the time, i do love kitchens, india, juggling, lakes and ponds, lanterns and old lightbulbs, learning different things, learning lots of languages, lighthouses, little blue swimsuits, long fingers, long paths, love, loving my love, maths, memories, messages in bottles, misty rain, morocco, muslin and lace, my family, my little flower cottage, my love, my son, never never being alone, pinning robert, pranking charlie's pipes, pranks, quiet moments together, reading, robert, robert is my favorite thing, robert's neck, rolling in the wheatfields, romance, sailing on the sea, salami sandwiches, sandwiches (cut into shapes), scratchy records, security, slapstick, snow, standing in the wind, sunlight in patches, swimming, tens of conversations, the fitzwilliams, the marx brothers, travelling, twirling skirts, typewriters, zombies
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